Selling Your Business

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Selling a business can be a stressful process even if you have a cooperative buyer.  When selling your business we must realize that some forces are just out of our control.  We must come to a realistic understanding that we can't control the buyers, we can only control our actions and the position we put ourselves in.  That's why we apply our systematic diagnostic process to every case ensuring a completely custom and personalized approach.  Help us discover your current situation so we can determine how to be the best possible resource for you.

We help you analyze your current position and determine the steps necessary to locate sellers.   Stoneburgh Management's professional's have not only started businesses and raised capital, but have also bought and sold businesses across a variety of different industries.  From real estate to restaurants, we've experienced every market.

Your confidentiality and trust are most important to us. We understand you may want to conduct this transaction as quietly and quickly as possible.  Click below to fill out our initial survey, it should take no more than 10 minutes but it will give us a great idea of where to start. Again we stress one hundred percent confidentiality.  Please, ask us how we can help.