We determine what, if any deficiencies, inefficiencies or missing information is required to showcase a comprehensive view of your business.  Here we are determining the cause and effect of the two basic questions from the Discovery phase.


We research, dissect any and all critical information regarding your company to ensure we know everything we need to know before proposing any type of solution.  We ask ourselves, 1)What does the Client know that the customer would need to know?  2)How can we prepare you for the questions the customer will ask?.

​​"Your Network Is Your Net Worth"

We leverage our network that spans across the globe

with our diagnostic approach to find the perfect match for our clients.

Our Diagnostic Process

Systematic Processes achieve continual, repetitive and renewing results.  

We are process oriented and system driven ensuring we get you  the results you desire.

Buy Businesses - Sell Businesses - Source Capital - Real Estate Transactions - Business Consulting


We'll keep it simple.  Our ultimate goal is to ensure your needs and expectations are met. We focus on the business to ensure an ethical and credible approach.  This is where the client is in control and the solution for the two basic questions.

Our methodology comes from Jeff Thull who has a process of extensively understanding clients and customers.


We design a comprehensive solution in a collaborative, meaningful and effective way to help ensure that all of your questions will be answered.  This is the point in our process where a solution for the two basic questions from the Discovery phase is being designed and developed.